How to Make Your Wedding Feel Intimate

Wedding planning is always a lot harder than you think it’s going to be. From finding the perfect caterer, choosing flower arrangements, and assembling a guest list, you can get lost in your to-do list very quickly.


Choosing Rewearable Bridesmaid Dresses

Show your bridesmaids how much they mean to you by honoring them with a rewearable dress- not to mention your wedding and photos will look so much more beautiful with your bridesmaids in stylish dresses.


5 Tips for Being the Best Bridesmaid

Being in a wedding party is a great honor: it means that you are loved and valued so much by your friend that they want you to stand with them at their wedding.


How to Pull Off a Winter Wedding in New York

A wedding in any season comes with its own particular challenges, but a winter wedding in New York might seem especially difficult to pull off.


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