How to Pull Off a Winter Wedding in New York

A wedding in any season comes with its own particular challenges, but a winter wedding in New York might seem especially difficult to pull off. The dark clouds, snow, and chilling temperatures scare many brides and grooms off from even considering planning a winter wedding. Though many often dream about the perfect June wedding, a winter wedding can be every bit as beautiful and memorable. If you consider the following tips and plan well for the potential difficulties of winter in New York, your wedding will go off without a hitch!  

  • Go with Warm Clothing – It’s going to be cold, and there’s no avoiding that. But, you can prepare for the low temperatures and still look stunning. Brides can opt for an elegant long-sleeve wedding dress and wear tights since their legs won’t be showing anyway. Grooms can choose a warmer fabric like wool, velvet, or herringbone. 
  • Don’t Forget about the Guests! – They’re going to get chilly too sitting through your ceremony. Consider having blankets available either in baskets at the end of each row or at the entrance. You could also provide hand warmers for them as well, which can go a long way to making them more comfortable. 
  • Provide Hot Drinks – Chances are, guests will want to warm up with a hot drink or two before and after the ceremony. This is also an opportunity for you to get them in the festive winter spirit by choosing seasonal favorites like hot cocoa, mulled wine, eggnog, and apple cider. 
  • Seasonal Decorations – Some of the best things about a winter wedding are the decorating options you have. You could go all in on Christmas décor, or create your very own winter wonderland with pine trees, wreaths, and greenery on the tables. Use warm white twinkle lights and candles to produce a magical atmosphere for both the ceremony and reception. 
  • Use the Daylight Wisely – Remember, winter days are short. After the ceremony, the last thing you want is to realize that there’s no natural light for all the photos you were planning on getting, so make sure to plan ahead with the photographer. Many couples opt to take pictures before the ceremony, which should leave you plenty of daylight for stunning winter pictures!

No matter what plans you have for your winter wedding, The Muttontown Club is the perfect New York venue. From our grand and elegant Ballroom to the intimate old-world Oak Room, we can accommodate a wide range of guests and wedding styles. 

Our clubhouse is actually known as “The Chimneys” since it boasts 27 fireplaces inside, which can give your winter wedding an intimate feel and keep your guests cozy. Set in the beautiful north shore of Long Island, the scenery and natural beauty of The Muttontown Club grounds make for a picturesque backdrop to your wedding. Call us today at 516-922-7500 to reserve The Muttontown Club for your wedding date or for any questions you may have!